Faux Postage Tutorial

By Brigitta Ter Wiel


Translation to English by Renate Rietveld AKA Dragonfly




  1A4 110 lb cardstock

  1 A4 paper

  Faux Postage Template   right click, "save target as"

  Faux Postage Sheet    right click, "save target as"

  StazOn Jet Black Ink Pad

  Chalks & Colored Pencils


  Removable Tape

  Post-It Notes

  Exacto Knife

  Mini Sponge Sticks

  Colored Cardstock

  Scenery Stamps

Beeswax:  Redwood Tree 869M, Garden Wall 1209M, Trees above wall from Trees on Hill 626K,  Puffy Cloud 13c, Small Seagulls 190E

Angel Stamp * Tuscan Rose

Pine Tree, Rocks & Grass * Stampscapes

 Step #1

Print the faux postage sheet file (above) onto heavy cardstock (110 lb)

Step #2

Print the template file (above) onto copy paper and cut out the rectangles

Step #3

Put the template on top of the Faux Postage paper, be very accurate with positioning them. Attach with some removable tape.

Begin on the left by stamping a large tree.

Step #4

Also, make a mask from this tree on a Post-It Note and cut it just within the edges.


Step #5

Place the mask on the tree on top of the template.


Step #6

 Then stamp the angel in the centre bottom rectangle. The wings will appear in the adjacent rectangles.

Step #7

Make a mask from this stamp too.

Step #8

Place the mask over the angel image on top of the template.

Step #9

Now stamp the fence-with-trees stamp to your paper.

Step #10

Again, make a mask and place it on top of the stamped image and template.

Step #11

Add some trees to the background (vary them).


Step #12

Now stamp the path by stamping the stones several times next to each other from top to bottom.

Step #13

Add some  clouds and birds to the sky and some rocks and bushes in the foreground.

Step #14

Now remove all masks and start coloring by chalking the large parts of your scenery.

Step #15

Should you make a mistake, use an  eraser to easily erase both colored pencil or chalk.

Step #16

Make the path brown using two shades of pencil.


Step #17

Use two shades of grey for the fence.


Step #18

Color the trees with several shades of green and the rocks with grey, add accents with the colored pencils.

Step #19

Now remove the template from the scenery and erase the edges that need a touch up. You can also use a fixative on your piece of art.



Step #20

Cut one rectangle from the Faux Postage scenery and mat the whole on brown and black cardstock, adhere the cut out to the card a bit off set, see what  you like best.



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