Accordion Punch Card

This is a punched envelope with an accordion card inside.  I've stamped on the front and the back side of the card with images showing through the punch in the envelope.  On the right is the card opened up.


This shows both the front and back of the envelope with the card inside.  Below is a picture of just the front of the folded card.

Accordion card open


This is a 5 x 7 (A-7) folded card variation.  I punched through the front flap of the card only.



Supplies for this card include:


2" punch, Marvy Ink (I used celery, magenta, deep lilac and black), pencil and eraser, Post it notes for masking, accordion card and envelope (I got mine from Marcos Papers)

Punch a hole into the envelope in the location shown.  Keep the punched out paper as you will use these for masking later.
Making sure your card is folded up correctly in a fan fold or like an accordion, place the card inside your punched envelope.  Using a pencil, lightly mark the edges at the top, bottom and each side of your circle on both the front and back of the card.  Take your card out of the envelope and stamp the Night and Day image within the marks on the front of the card.  Flip the card over and stamp the Elie's End stamp within the markings on the back of the card.  Erase your marks.
Unfold your card and stamp the four Phases Women in order of Morning, Noon, Evening and Night on the inside of the card as shown,  staggering them any way you like.
Use the punched out circle as a mask for the women and a post it note to mask off the sections of the card.
Stamp the Asian Daisy Background on panels two and four in celery.  Don't forget to mask the women on each panel.  When stamping these backgrounds also make sure you really press down well on the entire image and give some extra hard pressure without moving your stamp where the masked off woman is.
Now stamp the poem, line by line with the first line of the poem on panel one, the second on panel two and so on.
On the front of the card, stamp the poem title Phases of the Day.  Mask off the top of the card if you have it opened as I do or simply fold the card up and stamp the Fuchsias in magenta.
Stamp the Fuchsias on the front of the envelope as well.  Leave some room if you wish to mail this so you can still address the envelope.
A picture of the back.  Everyone gets a kick out of how I used the cute stamp on this card.